The action of delaying or postponing something.”your first tip is to avoid procrastination”

Similar: dithering, delaying tactics, stalling, hesitation, dilly-dallying…

Moving forward with

I recently decided to take a step back from learning how to write extensions for the phpBB forum software because my interest had dwindled and I was about to start studying for a degree in Biology.

Since moving into University I have rekindled a hobby I picked up fifteen years ago in school: doodling battle scenes from the in-dire-need-for-a-remastered-edition Age of Empires adaptation, ‘Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds‘.

The entire table was our canvas, as we doodled straight onto it and had to (reluctantly) wipe it off at the end of the lesson and any I have done on paper over the years have been long lost.

So, for now, this site is going to be pretty blank- once I’ve got any worth sharing I’ll find a way to scan them to a high quality image and share them here. I won’t need a new laptop for a few years, but I like the way the Microsoft Surface 2-in-1’s are heading, so maybe there’ll be digital versions if I’m still doing this after University.

I am also going to attempt a regular blog, but anybody who knows me will be laughing because you’ll know this has never worked in the numerous times I have attempted it in the past.

I can’t tell if this time will be different, but it’s good to be ambitious.…